Microorganisms Can Moving     

Aims         : To show that microorganisms can moving
Materials  : Glass, slide,slide cover, microscope, dropper 
                   and sample of water
1.     Collect the sample water from pond or river.
2.     A dropper is used to place a droplet of water sample on a glass slide.
3.  The water sample is covered with the slide cover.
4. The slide is observed under the microscope.

A lot of tiny things moving in the water.

Microorganisms can moving.


       Microorganisms Can Growing       

Aims         : To show that microorganisms can growing
Materials  :  Bread, plastic bag, rubber band and water 
1.     A slide of bread is prepared.
2.     Water is lightly sprinkled onto the surface of the bread.
3. The bread is put in the plastic bag.
4.   The plastic bag is tied up with a rubber band and place in a warm place.
5. Observe the bread after a few days

Greenish blue patches were seen on the surface of the bread.

The coloured patches are the bread mould.

Microorganisms grow when there is food and the surrounding conditions is suitable.


     Microorganisms Can Breathe     

Aims         : To show that Yeast can breathes
Materials  : Balloon, Yeast, water and sugar
  1. All the ingredients are mixed.
  2. The mixture put in the test tube.
  3. Cover the test tube with the balloon.
  4. Observe what will happen to the balloon.

The Balloon rises.

When the yeast breathes, it releases carbon dioxide.
This carbon dioxide causes the balloon rises.

Breathing by yeast produces carbon dioxide which causes the balloon to rises.


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