Saturday, 3 December 2011

Microorganism Are Harmful But Some Are Useful

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Microorganisms Can Moving

Way To Show Microorganisms Can Moving

1.     Collect the sample water from pond or river.
2.     A dropper is used to place a droplet of water sample on a glass slide.
3.  The water sample is covered with the slide cover.
4. The slide is observed under the microscope.

Materials  : Glass, slide,slide cover, microscope, dropper 

                   and sample of water

Observation? Conclusion?

Microorganisms Can Growing

Way To Show Microorganisms Can Growing

1.     A slide of bread is prepared.
2.     Water is lightly sprinkled onto the surface of the bread.
3. The bread is put in the plastic bag.
4.  The plastic bag is tied up with a rubber band and place in a warm place.
5. Observe the bread after a few days.

Materials  :  Bread, plastic bag and water 

Observation?    Conclusions?

Microorganisms Can Breathes

Way To Show That Yeast Can Breathes

  1. All the ingredients are mixed.
  2. The mixture put in the test tube.
  3. Cover the test tube with the balloon.
  4. Observe what will happen to the balloon.
Materials  : Balloon, Yeast, water, bottle and sugar.

Observation? Conclusions?

Dare to Answer? Good Luck For you!


  • Smallest microorganisms.
  • Can only be seen using the most powerful microscope. 
  • Viruses cannot reproduce outside the host cell, but they cannot be called parasites either.


  • Fungi are saprophytic (feed on decaying organic matter) and parasitic organisms.
  • Fungi include moulds, rusts, mildews, smuts, mushrooms and yeast. 
  • By breaking down dead organic material, they continue the cycle of nutrients through ecosystems.


  • Protozoa is a subkingdom of unicellular, mostly aerobic, eukaryotic organisms.
  • Sometimes they are also called protists.
  • They are neither plants nor animals. They make up the largest group of organisms in the world in terms of numbers.
  • Usually live in water. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


  • Very tiny.
  • Exist in different shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Can found in the water, soil, air and on the surfaces that we touch.
  • Can reproduce very fast.
  • Most active in places that are warm, dark, maist and dirty.

Type Of Microorganisms

Thursday, 27 October 2011

World Of Microorganisms

         Come And Know Me ~      

~ Can find around us.
~ Can found in the water, air, food,soil and in our bodies.
~ Microorganisms so small that we cannot see them with our            
    naked eyes.
~ Use microscope to see microorganisms.

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